28 August 2006

iPod 2nd Generation

Model: 2G

Original Capacity: 10 or 20 GB

Connection: FireWire

Original Hard Drive Model(s):

Compatible Hard Drive Model(s):



At 29/6/07 00:43, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My 20 GB second generation iPod had a MK2003GAH Toshiba drive.

I just tried a dirty hack with a homebrew cable connecting a 45 GB drive full size drive (separate powersupply for harddrive of cause). It seems the 2nd generation iPod have some trouble with bigger drivesizes. Or perhaps my homemade cable is poorly done :-) either way. Original is "Toshiba MK2003GAH"

At 16/4/10 03:48, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Try it with Rockbox www.rockbox.org


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