28 August 2006

iPod mini 2nd generation

Model: iPod mini 2nd generation

Original Capacity: 4, 6 Gb

Connection: USB or FireWire

Original Hard Drive Model(s):

Compatible Hard Drive Model(s):



At 27/4/07 15:37, Blogger Ilya said...

iPod mini (definitely 2G and probably 1G as well) hard drives can be replaced with CompactFlash cards without any adapters or special work. Take the hard drive out, plug in a CF card, and restore the iPod in iTunes. This has previously been posted on engadget (http://www.engadget.com/2007/03/01/ipod-mini-maxed-out-with-cf-card/) and my iPod mini is currently running off a 2GB SanDisk CF card, so it DOES work.

At 9/2/10 11:40, Anonymous HP Hard Drive Repair said...

I have used this Ipod and I would say it was one of my all time favorite Ipods I have ever used.


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